Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Back to the blog and back to positivity! It was nice to have a little break to putter without being accountable :o)

I've been doing a little of a Figure 8 scarf for myself out of some delicious Anna Maria Horner voile and flannel...

...and a little of that. I finally got back on the Spring Sampler horse by laying it out and realizing, huh, it's not such a big quilt, after all. A relief after the queen-sized beast that is Mumu (more on that later).

Inspired by the improv construction of this block, I put nearly all the remaining green and yellow scraps to use in these easy-peasy strips. I plan to weave them throughout the sampler randomly. I figure it will provide some constancy throughout the pattern.

I finally finished up the last big block from the Mumu scraps, which I had intended to use in finishing up the quilt back. I spent about 3 days laying out the pieces, but nothing felt right. I had to admit I just wasn't ready to commit to a plan, so I put it away. Sigh. When the time is right, it will come together.

But the really big finish is a new curtain for our (reclaimed!) kitchen. Our apartment is pretty awesome, but the kitchen is teeny tiny and oddly shaped.

Luckily it has this giant window. Up until now, the fridge has awkwardly stood in front of the window, taking up a ton of space and light.

As is often the case in our place, a little cleaning led to a little rearranging (thanks, Mr Awesome!). How happy I am to have a little dining nook!

But guys, I don't want to look at this while I'm eating. Ew.

Though I do wonder what that little door leads to...hmm, a mystery...

I wanted something that would let in the big blue sky, but tastefully cover the rest.

I had a half a yard of some beautiful Birch Storyboek fabric, to which I added to a fat quarter of some Kona solid and a yard of Kona White. The White was a little plain, so I top stitched four lines in reddish thread across the top and bottom, plus one random line near the bottom. It feels so cozy now, but light streams right in. Not a great picture of me, but hey, this is what I sacrifice for my little curtain.

My new hang-out spot!

As far as future projects go...I'm feasting on the flickr eye candy that is the Granny Square and Swoon. But I know I won't enjoy working on them until I finish my current WIPs! Good thing good patterns never go out of style. My To-Make list has enough on it for the next 50 years or so :o)

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