Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring is in Full Bloom, and So Am I

Spring has sprung.

I love looking out at my neighbor's yard. It's an overgrown explosion of life and lush color. There is a calico cat that loves to prowl in there and chase the birds. My allergies tell me it's just a bunch of weeds, but the unplanned white and yellow floating over a tangle of green makes me excited for this new season.

As I was zooming in to capture a lily, I realized I was acting like a total creeper! Who hangs out a window to get pictures of other people's property? But surrepticious picture-taking aside, this is one of my favorite things to see in this season.

Something else is in full bloom.

Don't mind the unmade bed!
Mr Awesome and I are expecting twins (due Oct 1)!! We are so lucky to be getting TWO babies! I'm now 18 weeks (though the pic is 17 weeks), and expanding daily. Being pregnant is a strange, beautiful, amazing, confusing, rich, powerful experience. Wow.

Double the babies (and in this case, two placentas, too) means double the hormones, so I have been literally quite sick and tired for the past 3 months. More tired than sick, thankfully. It's cut down my sewing...walking...talking... sleeping...and everything else, except for EATING, which I am digging into like a professional.

Babies seem to be cropping up in the neighborhood. Our friend and neighbor is 34 weeks, and celebrated the imminent arrival of her little bundle with a shower last weekend. She is an avid reader, and requested favorite children's books to build her little one's library. Of course I couldn't resist making a book I know a tiny person would love. It was nice to get back behind the machine (especially now that the babies can hear sounds outside the womb...gotta force teach them to love the purr of the Bernina!).

I did the stitching free-hand, and it came out okay.

White for a baby? I know - but it was the only corduroy I had on hand, and I wanted something with tactile interest.

Some taggie pages to chew on.

And what children's book would be complete without an interesting picture, full of colorful, whimsical details? I can't think of a better use for Valori Well's Paisley print from Nest.

Okay I admit it - maybe I partly wanted to pattern-test this sweet item for my bambinos :o) I will definitely be making more of these little books!

Happy spring!