Wednesday, July 18, 2012

29 Weeks

Only 7-9 more weeks to go!

The past month or so, I'd really been feeling the pressure to get "everything" done, so we'll be "ready" when the babies arrive. As time - and with it, the ability to reach anything below my knees - slips by, these terms are becoming amorphous. "Ready" to bring home two infants? Probably not possible. "Everything" has transformed from a picture-perfect nursery, completely toddler-proofed home, and every personal goal for the next ten years met, into the basic baby essentials, a few handmade items, and enough furniture-rearranging to make our home functional for our new, 4-person family.

29 weeks
I'm not saying I haven't tried to fight reality by making long to-do lists, but I have started to divide them into essential and nonessential columns. Finishing all my little projects (and starting 75 others) seemed totally do-able two months ago. But fabric, I've discovered, is pretty heavy. And big. And requires a lot of crawling around on the floor.

Some things (like making quilts for each baby, walking more than a block at a time, and seeing anything below my belly button) are going to have to wait until after - much after - they are born.

And that's okay. My new mantra, like all things pregnancy, is to enjoy the (very slow) process. Little by little, I'm completing small projects, and it feels really good to fill the nursery with handmade touches to welcome our babies.

A few receiving blankets, the perfect weight with a combo of voile and flannel;

Some black and white blocks to hang by their changing table so they have something interesting to look at (and later grab for);

and a matching pair of taggies made out of my husband's old flannel shirts. They are so soft!

The nursery inherited our slightly worn cotton throw pillows, so the living room got a new set (fabric selected by Mr Awesome, no less!). I am so grateful to my mom for helping me out with these. Ironing and cutting yardage is too much for me, so she cut, ironed, and pinned, while I sat at the machine and sewed. A beautiful partnership!

Looking at this picture made me laugh a little. I guess we really like things that come in twos.

These blocks came from the Mumu scraps. When I finish that quilt's binding, it will go on our bed, where the pillows might join it. For now though, I'm enjoying all the pillow comfort I can get on the couch.

As for Mumu itself, it's currently somewhere in this pile, along with my brother's quilt, Paisley Sunrise, and a couple of minis, and God knows what else. My sister, visiting for the weekend, aptly commented, "Wow. You have a lot of quilts." I guess so. How did that happen? They are everywhere.

I've also got a little hand-piecing going - a beautiful cloth ball from I Love Patchwork. I want to put a bell into the ball so the kids will get a cool sound when they play with it, but my husband assures me everyone will think it's a cat toy (we don't even have cats). What do you think?

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  1. I heart those baby blankets so much! And the black and white blocks above the changing table is super clever. (May have to steal that idea, lol!) Good luck with your final few weeks! :)

    1. Thank you Audrey! Steal away...I was happy to figure out something to do with my scraps of black and white fabric :o)


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