Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ta- Daaaaa!!

After much (probably needless) hemming and hawing, I finished my first virtual quilt bee block!

I am loving all the greeeeeeen! Shelley wanted a confetti block, and I believe I have delivered. I just thought I'd measured it once more, just to see if I needed to trim and...



Even the chicken seemed alarmed. And yet, why am I surprised. My issues with measuring are epic. Gilga-measure. That would be me.

I think my Bernina came with some special foot for this? I should look into that?

Shelley was very kind and said it could be approximate since she will be adding a border anyway. I'm very happy to be in a gentle and friendly quilt bee! So it's off to the post office with this one :o) It's amazing to participate in a quilting community in a real, tanglible way. I'm already looking forward to next month!

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