Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Welcome, visitors from Freshly Pieced! I'm linking up with Lee for another WIP Wednesday.

New Projects

I got a bit more than half the HSTs done for Mumu. Now just waiting on a few yards of Kona Snow to complete the rest til the end of this post is finish 'em up!

Spring Sampler had a big week. After scouring through many, many pictures, I finally figured out a plan to fit all those orphan unique and special blocks together. And...(magic cape sweeps before the screen)...REVEAL!

I was so excited about making the Plan that I completely lost steam when it came to actually implementing the thing. I only managed to add borders onto three blocks and make one:

And then there was this one. Of which there are actually two. That I equally dislike. I know they're not that bad. They just irk me.

Not jiving with the Plan.
So I hacked 'em up into bits, muahahhaahah...

First idea...
...second idea...
Meh, either way, I'm not ready to commit. Just having fun playing with the pieces. The second makes me think of sunlight dripping through the clouds. Sigh, I love you, Springtime.

Finally, Paisley Sunrise is still being hand-quilted, much to my enjoyment.

Hey whose toes are those?


No Progress
Despite the much-appreciated and very nice feedback on my brother's quilt, I'm still letting the options marinate. My mom/quilting guru/expert on my brother is visiting next weekend (YAY!), so I have a feeling we'll tackle it together. Of course I'll let you know what happens :o) She's also bringing a very special quilt-y surprise, so stay tuned!

In the Queue
Swoon! What could be a better pattern for this giant block kick I'm on? I bought the pattern, picked out fabrics, and then didn't start because I'm trying to find a way to not follow the directions. More fabrics? Different size blocks (since I just figured out how difficult that is)?

Yes. Yes, I'm crazy.


  1. The quilt you've sketched looks great. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. I get you. Sometimes the ideas suck all the energy out of the room and there is no more for actual piecing. I kinda likes that little tree in the center of the hacked up block.


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