Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not So Much Progress Wednesday

This is going to be a blahg post.

My Work Life has been busy, quilt friends. It's absorbing a ton of creative energy, which is pretty great, actually. I'm happy to be a person who loves my work. But it sure doesn't translate into a lot of quilting progress.

Let's start with some VICTORIES!

My sewing space got a make-over this week!

I've been scouring craigslist for a solid, cheap, drafting table that I could use for cutting and pressing to replace the little antique folding table I commandeered in recent months (I'll be honest, it was our dining room table). Ye olde folding table was killin' my back.

Ta Da!
The new find is adjustable height, sturdy, and plenty wide. The seller claimed it was birch, which, even with my craigslist goggles on, was impossibly optimistic. But for $30, quilt friends!

The table top sits on those little saw horses, which provide a perfect place for my baskets of WIPs.

Sadly, after moving it in and drooling all over it, I haven't done much work here yet.

Before (sans table)
Would it be wrong to admit that I'm a little intimidated by the improvements made to my sewing space? The corner is sort of looming there, demanding productivity, à la the pushy furniture in Brave Little Toaster.

After (and slightly cleaner sewing table, hmm)

Sometimes I look around my apartment-turned-sewing room and wonder how this all happened. I mean, I've only completed 7 quilts since 2002. (I'm the crockpot of quilters.) Yet it is such an important part of my life. Well, when the shock wears off, I know I'll love getting down to crafty business in my sunny little nook!

Nothing like a nice blank canvas.

In other EPIC VICTORIES, I finally finally FINALLY picked a layout for my brother's quilt. (I think. Probably. There may be some slight tweaking. Maybe.)

Ta Da!!!
I love the criss-cross. And I love ginormous blocks. And it's boyish. Win.

There will be 3 of these.

And one of these. But I think I'll replace the purple triangles in the middle with plain yellow ones.

So happy to have this whole thing figured out! I've started putting the HSTs together. Yip yip!

Spring Sampler
Emma's Trip Around the World (need a better name for this one)

One block for my Block Party Bee, a wonky log cabin of Sherbet Pips:

For some reason, this was a tough one. I had ideas that didn't pan out. But I like the result, if I'm a certain distance away :o)

Check out many more works, and likely much more progress, over at Lee's:


  1. Love that line: crockpot of quilters! Enjoy your new table.

  2. Wow--what a great find on the drafting table. Lucky girl! That space looks so inspiring to work in. And I love your wonky log cabin block! It kind of looks like you put a ladder in the middle.

  3. Love the bold color choices for your brothers quilt, it will be fab!
    ; )

  4. Totally understand the being intimidated by your space feeling. I felt the same way when I moved into my new studio. Didn't want to mess it up... It demanded perfection.... A couple of months of piddling and fiddling, it felt like home and ownership took over. Then the creating started in ernest ; )
    And I like the yellow block with the purple triangles! Otherwise it would come off as a solid yellow block?


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