Monday, November 7, 2011

Portfolio Dress

Lisette Portfolio dress
I learned to sew from my mom, an excellent seamstress. She currently designs and repairs costumes for a ballet company. I can hardly remember a moment of childhood that doesn't include her handmade touch: clothes, outfits for my dollies, quilts, toys, Halloween costumes. (And I didn't even mention the edibles!)

Since Mom was up here for a visit this weekend, I thought I'd recruit her to help me make this dress. It looked super cute, and maybe not too hard?

And it wasn't too hard. Except the neckline. Which was a whole other thing. But I made an important discovery.

I really don't like making clothes. I like to have them. But not make them. Maybe it's my measuring phobia. Or having to follow a pattern. Just not my thing. But I'm super happy to have this dress in my closet!

I quilted myself.
Dork-fest: I saw a little square piece in the pattern and had to make a churn dash to go in there.

The dress has since been hemmed and is awaiting a pretty little button.

It is thoroughly:
-what I will be wearing every Saturday if it's not too cold

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