Friday, November 25, 2011

Tiny Pies

Apple pie is a big deal in my family.

Never is it more in demand than at Thanksgiving.
When I was a kid, my mom would give me the leftover bits of pie crust dough to roll out and fold over the rest of the apple pieces. I have come to love these little dumplings more than the pie itself, so I always make a few for a morning-after breakfast treat.

This year I wanted to capture the small coziness of the dumpling, but give folks the traditional pie they know and love.

Enter the cupcake!
I made everything like normal, then rolled out a handful of dough and fit it into a cupcake paper. I stuffed the tiny pies full of apple-y goodness, making sure to drizzle in as much sweet juice as possible. The crumble topping made a huge mess, but was delicious.
And everyone could say they ate a whole pie :o)

Happy Thanksgiving, quilt friends. I hope it was a warm and cozy day for you and yours.


  1. We tried these tiny, little pies, in cherry, over the summer, and made a heck of a mess! Of course, we didn't use cupcake liners... Duh!
    Well done!


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