Saturday, September 24, 2011


I've been working on the duo of Mendocino mug rugs in the evenings after work. The wedding is tomorrow, and I'm really glad to be able to give them a hand-made gift (on time, no less!!).

But wow. They really look handmade. And not in a good way. I think I like the fabrics too much. Frankly it's been a little stressful.

Which has made me a bit disenchanted. I mean, does this look like a romantic sunset over a mystical ocean? I don't even want to obsess over it anymore.

I like to contemplate the process of determining when a project is really done-- how do you know it is finished? I'm afraid I may have rushed the last details because I was finished with the idea of the project altogether. I really hope the brides like their gifts, and they were made with love. I'm just ready to wrap 'em up and move 'em out.

I kinda like the back with H on it best of all. Ironic, because I was ready to toss the H in favor of a print but didn't want to deal with it as a scrap later on! Goes to show that sometimes the first idea is the best one.

I also quilted up the Wonky Stars Paintbox. I went with a simple quilting pattern in my fav thread, Gutterman Col. 22 (mmmm, cream-colored...)

I'm still pondering whether I ought to do double lines of quilting horizontally along the center seam. As for the back...

...what can I say, it was a week of pink! I think a quilt back is a good note to end this post on :o)

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