Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Paintbox

Yeah, I know it's not really a paintbox. But I love all the colors and it reminds me of the messy watercolors I loved dipping into as a kid.

Making gifts seems to motivate me. I like having a deadline and knowing someone will soon be happy because they got a little something special. Designing something specifically for someone focuses my ideas. Then I look around my house and wish I had more stuff that I made. What I should do is make designs inspired by a person I love and then keep them for myself ;o) Hmmm...

In any case, these little stars are making me very happy:

They are so cheerful. This one is raising its hand: "Pick me! Pick me!" And I did pick it over the other one. I made each with 1.5" squares, so they came out about 3 3/4" square. Ish.

I love the look of them all together too. There may be more rainbows in my future!


  1. I saw your quilt over on Flickr and I had to come tell how much I love it! I can't believe how tiny those stars are! I will have to give it a try. So cute! Great job!

  2. Thanks, Laura! You should definitely give it a try; small can be really fun! :o) (Helpful hint: I did my seams probably closer to 1/8".) Thanks for visiting!


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