Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh Yeah, That Quilt

My brother started his senior year in high school last week, which reminded me...I sort of promised a quilt for his graduation. Hmm. Time to get back on it. Here's the grand plan (in it's latest incarnation):

Only 80 blocks. And as of today, 61 of them are done!! Yay! Granted, this includes some 12.5" solid squares. That I just had to cut out. And then they were done. But still! This is victory, because I'm simultaneously managing to ignore the pressing responsibilities of my day job(s) and the chores that need doing and and and. And.

So let's just gaze at the pretty pictures and appreciate that while I may or may not have clean pants to wear tomorrow, all the purple blocks for this massive quilt are good and done and I like them.

Meanwhile, only 4 more gold blocks to piece. I hope I can show you those next week!

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