Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work in Chaos Wednesday

There are a million things I ought to be doing besides sewing, let alone posting about it.

Stern Grove in San Francisco
The holidays, and the ending of a year, demand more giving, more socializing, more making and baking and overall output. Yet as the days grow shorter and colder, and things generally wrap up, I want to do less and less. Not that I'm Grinchy (at least I don't think!). I'm craving quiet time and empty space to just be. Maybe its just a natural point of contraction as the solstice draws near.

In any case, my sewing table tells the story. Too many projects, not enough focus! (Also, not enough daylight! It's tough to get good pictures with so few bright hours in the day.)

Let's start at the top of pile, shall we?

In Progress
I've been working on my blocks for the 4x5 Bee. It was really hard to decide on a block pattern. After much scouring of Flickr photos, I chose something simple, yet striking. I hope my bee-mates like it as much as I do.

Two down, three to go. Amazing how turning the smaller triangle the other direction changes the whole dynamic of the block.

Fabric for the next one is all ready to be cut.

Mumu has also been getting some attention. I had put together 3 blocks with mixed fabrics, and then really didn't like the look of it. Somehow, it seemed incomplete and the pattern wasn't showing through as much as I'd wanted. So I ripped it apart and put the blocks together with like fabrics. Something about sewing these blocks is really soothing. I'm looking forward to finishing this quilt so I can use it. Should I be working so hard on something just for me at this time of year? Can I help it??

And Paisley Sunrise is making progress as the nights get colder and I need a big cozy project to be under while I watch TV at night. Truth be known, Mr Awesome occasionally snags a corner too. This quilt is getting a lot of job training right up front.

I've completed a set of surprise somethings for a Christmas gift. More somethings will soon be posted after they are gifted, as well as the AMAZING tutorials I used. Let me take a moment to say thank you to all bloggers who offer free tutorials for the beautiful, functional stuff you somehow, magically, manage to invent. 

New Projects
We've already established there's no old problem a new project can't fix, right? Friends, I've been shopping. The hype about Echo (by Lotta Jansdotter) got to me and I ordered the whole half-yard set. Absolutely no plans for what this will become. I'm happy just looking at it.

This is my favorite print.

I also popped on a half-yard bundle of Far Far Away III (Fabricworm may have been having a sale...I made out like a bandit! Their organic cotton selection = drool). That little girl playing with her horsies is ME, I swear. I think these are going to be my Swoon quilt. And maybe a small giftie for my friend who used to play horsies with me!

Bit Stalled
My brother's Graduation Quilt

Total WIPs: 5 quilts, 3 Bee blocks, 8 small gift items
Soon To Be WIPs: 2 quilts

I hope you all are getting your holiday sewing accomplished and finding peace amongst the hustle and bustle that comes with the close of a year.

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