Thursday, July 14, 2011

Astor Manor Coin Stacks

So, I decided to whip up a simple, super quick quilt top. I wanted something mindless to piece so I could get to the hand-quilting already!! And what's easier than coin stacks from a pre-cut jelly roll??

That was 2 years ago.

The top was quick. Then it got shoved into a corner, thrown under a handful of Christmas crafts, buried beneath your various notions, and finally trapped behind the scraps that time forgot.

Segue to today. A bit sick of purple and gold (eek sacrilege!), I fished ol' Astor Manor (by 3 Sisters for Moda) out of obscurity and thought I'd whip up a backing for it. Yet...either it grew whilst languishing at the bottom of the heap, or...

This is the husband holding it up, while standing on a chair...

...making it my biggest quilt to date.


Yes, floral rose-tones and muslin scare me. I'll admit it.

How big, you ask? Not sure. I have this issue with measuring. (The issue is that I suck at it and avoid it whenever possible. Like when I want to piece a quilt back, I lay out the top all smooth-like on the floor, then lay the backing fabric right over it just to see if it fits. Then I sew it together and trim the excess.)
Meanwhile, I've begun conquering the paisley beast. I pieced up some end-bits.

And pulled some fabrics from the stash.

I was just on the point of getting the layout right when I had a sudden salsa attack and had to pause for a little tomatillo therapy. I have high hopes for maƱana!

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