Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doubt, Ambiguity, and Chaos

So I've been working on this puzzle: how to get 3 or so giant yards of a solid mixed in with random fat quarters and other end bits from the stash. In a way that will continue to strike an aesthetic chord even once it's all been put together, giving me that satisfied feeling. In a way that will eternally evoke the calm, comfortable mood of spreading peacefully down into your bed in the muted light of summer afternoon for a refreshing nap. Because quilts never look better than in that moment, right?

Currently my puzzle is taking up the entire living room and most of my mental energy. The top of this quilt didn't get half this attention. Mr Awesome is starting to ask about its progress in a way that suggests he'd like to co-inhabit said living room sometime this decade. (And who could blame him?)

But it has to be just right. I place a bit of fabric, step back, pretend to do something else. Something seems to shift into place, and I move another piece. I realize I'm trying to do a deconstructed coin stack, but make it seem like a pretty casual effort. Oh, it's a hip, modern version of the quilt top? My my I never even noticed that! I just, you know, threw it all together, hahah! (sweat)

It's a long, slow process.

That ultimately doesn't matter.

As I place and ponder this morning, I have to laugh at myself a little. It's just a blanket. If it's big and warm, there are no right or wrong choices.

That being said, I'ma go do more placing and pondering.

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