Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mini-Quilt Magnets

I'm still plugging away at the blocks for my brother's quilt, but I decided to take a break today to make a mini-quilt magnet for a friend. These adorable 2" quilts give me a cuteness-attack.

Meanwhile, I'm discovering there are about a million ways to do a nine-patch.

I just cut out nine 1" squares, sew 'em together, cut out 2.5" squares of batting and a bit of backing, turn right sides together, and sew around three sides. Then I flip it inside out, pop in a small magnet (packages of 10 are like $2), and hand-sew the opening shut. A wee bit o' hand quilting, and you've got yourself a lil square of adorableness.

 Here's the (unfinished) magnet for my friend. While taking some freshly baked bread out of the oven, the pan somehow LEAPT ONTO MY THUMB, rendering it utterly useless for hand-sewing (and basically everything else :o( So into the work basket it goes! (Um the magnet, not my thumb.)

And now to plot my revenge on the bread pan...

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