Monday, July 18, 2011


 My best friend is visiting next week (yay!) and she's vegan, so I wanted to practice some recipes she can enjoy. This Honey Lemon Whole Wheat loaf is animal-free (just used a little Smart Balance instead of butter).

Recipe from The Complete Book of Breads by Bernard Clayton Jr, aka the Bread Bible of my Childhood.

The only curious thing about this book is how often it calls for powered milk and warm water. Why, Bernard? Anyhoo, the Honey Lemon bread is delicious and makes crazy good toast.

It is, however, an immature loaf. Notice it sticking its tongue out at you here.

Meanwhile, we snarfed down the last batch of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, so I had to make another now that we're addicted.

Don't they look precious all tucked into their tin foil sleeping bag?!

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